• Small-Craft Gear & Kayak Rack, Model BB001


    Runabout Gear and Folding Kayak Racks|Boat Stanchion Add On|Sportsracker

    Folding Kayak Racks for Runabout Boats With or Without Rails

    The Bay Boat Small-Craft Kayak Rack (Model BB001) is designed for smaller mounting platforms like dory’s, Boston whalers, and other 'runabout' style boats. Bay Boat racks carry kayaks and fishing gear such as rods, nets, and gaffs outside the rail, keeping your decks clear for you and your crew. The Bay Boat folding kayak rack employs an outside support 18 inches long rather than the standard 23 inch support. Downsizing the rack saves weight, fits smaller mounting platforms without sacrificing strength and durability, and insures great visibility, even over over wide loads like kayaks.

    The Bay Boat Kayak Rack automatically adjusts to the load size (feathers), opening wide for over-sized loads and slimming down for SUP's, boards, narrow kayaks, and fishing gear. The rack actively re-positions the load against the rail to provide the slimmest possible outboard profile without the need for knobs or adjustment screws. These racks have pivoting & sliding rail clamps so that they can be mounted either on top rails or stanchions, slanted or not. The pivoting clamp design lets this rack actively grip the load for less motion underway. When unloaded, Bay Boat Racks fold away out of sight.

    Some boats lack rails to attach Bay Boat racks. EcoMarine provides an optional rack attach kit (model BB002) for boats without rails. The rack attach kit consists of two bolt-on stanchions with bases, pivoting clamps and stainless mounting hardware. 

    Bay Boat Racks are constructed from sturdy 1 inch diameter 304 marine grade stainless steel tubing with a mirror-bright finish for years of corrosion-free service. Racks are shipped with a pair of supports, rail clamps, stainless mounting hardware, soft transparent PVC load pads, anti-scratch rail pads, feathering webbing straps, and a satisfaction guarantee. The transparent PVC load pads highlight the stunning beauty of bright-polished steel while safeguarding your investment. Recommended for loads under 50 pounds.