• Slanted Stanchion Low-Carry Flip Rack


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    Folding Kayak Racks for Boats With Slanted or Upright Stanchions

    The SR/LR-W Slanted Stanchion Low-Carry Swing Rack features a pivoting clamp that mounts in minutes to any angled or slanted stanchion rail. This unique clamp keeps your load supports vertical whatever the stanchion angle. The clamp also rotates around the stanchion and adjusts automatically to any size load. In other words, this rack opens up for wide loads and slims down for SUP's, boards, and narrow kayaks. In fact, this rack actively re-positions (feathers) the load to provide the slimmest possible outboard profile while gripping the load for less motion underway. No knobs or adjustment screws are needed because this rack 'width adjusts' to the load when secured with the provided webbing straps . More importantly, these racks also adjust up and down to accommodate any rail height and can 'ride' low to insure great visibility from your steering station. A real time saver, the SR/LR-W flips over the rail for optional deck storage, and then back outside the rail for easy launch when anchored or moored. When unloaded, the Low-Carry Swing Rack folds away out of sight.

    Slanted Stanchion Low-Carry Swing Racks are constructed from sturdy one inch diameter 304 marine grade stainless steel tubing with a mirror-bright finish for years of corrosion-free service. Racks are shipped with a pair of supports, up/down adjustable pivoting rail clamps, stainless steel mounting hardware, soft transparent PVC load pads, anti-scratch rail pads, feathering webbing straps, and a satisfaction guarantee. The transparent PVC load pads highlight the stunning beauty of bright-polished steel while protecting the most delicate loads. These racks are recommended for loads under 80 pounds.